The extraordinary Mister Tom Waits is hereby formally announcing the opening of his first ever official web site as well as the upcoming release of his long rumored much speculated about live album “Glitter and Doom” due out November 24th.
To visit the new site, simply go to: or just click here. Besides a sumptuous assortment of facts, images and sounds relating to the strange and beloved entertainer, you can also preview the first eight songs of “Glitter and Doom” for free!
Glitter and Doom is a two disc collection of  tracks from Waits’ recent Glitter and Doom tour of the US and Europe. The first disc recreates an evening’s performance with 17 tracks are selected from 10 cities. The second disc is a bonus compendium called TOM TALES, which features the comic bromides, strange musings, and unusual facts that Tom traditionally shares with his audience during the piano set. The topics range from the ritual of insects to the last dying breath of Henry Ford.
The album features all eras of Waits’ as he shifts from an array of characters: carnival barker, preacher, country singer, soul balladeer; cabaret singer and storyteller. Backed by a versatile band, Waits departs from the songs’ original incarnations. The songs instrumentation and rhythms are rearranged and reimagined. There are swampy tribal rhythms, ominous hymns, gypsy flavored ballads, searing rhythmic r&b, and blues boogies.. As expected, the songs are about hanged men, woebegone sailors, sword swallowers, fugitives, shamans, ghosts, dance instructors and prison guards. Enjoy. Read More

Tom Waits will be attending the gala premiere of the upcoming Terry Gilliam (Brazil, Time Bandits) film “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday Sept 18th. The stunning fantasy film, which stars the late Heath Ledger as well as Waits as The Devil, follows the leader of a traveling theater troupe who, having made a deal with the Devil, takes audience members through a magical mirror to explore their imaginations. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus opens in the US on Dec. 25th (Christmas Day) Read More

Last week we posted a link to the fascinating interview Beck did with Tom Waits. Well, that was only part one. In the second installment of their free form conversation, the two musicians engage in a pointed and occasionally hilarious discussion on the fast changing landscape of the Los Angeles, cars they have owned and photography.
Read the interview here. Read More

Beck has a new feature on his site called “Irrelevant Topics” which has conversations between him and other musicians, artists, writers, etc. on a variety of subjects. For the first in the series, he talks to none other than Tom Waits about Los Angeles history, natural disasters, Jimmy Durante and much more…

For part one of the incredibly entertaining and enlightening conversation go here. Read More

Ever the charitable soul, Tom Waits has donated one of his rare photos — signed, framed and truly one-of-a-kind — from his “Oil Stain” series to a charity auction that will go to benefit the tuition assistance program at Summerfield School.
More about the school: “Summerfield stands behind its deeply-rooted commitment to the children of the school, and we celebrate our economically diverse student population. Now, more than ever, Summerfield needs your support to continue this essential program.”
The online auction will close June 5, 2009. Click here for more information. Read More
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