Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, acrylic on canvas, 2009
There was an art opening last night for artist Kellesimone Waits who is currently exhibiting her provocative portraits in a show entitled “Power Plays” at the Frank Pictures Gallery in Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station art complex. Amongst the many in attendance were the artist’s proud father Tom Waits and assorted family members, some actor named Johnny Depp, actor Harry Dean Stanton, artist Sage Vaughn and his fashion designer wife Sweet Pea, Anti/Epitaph label CEO and Bad Religion founder Brett Gurewitz with his fetching wife Gina, as well as a whole bunch of other interesting looking people including some dude with half a beard and a guy that looked like Yoda from Star Wars if he was wearing an Affliction shirt.
The paintings were an intriguing mix of world political figures rendered in unexpected positions. Definitely worth checking out… To view more of Kellesimone’s paintings, go here.