Last week we posted a link to the fascinating interview Beck did with Tom Waits. Well, that was only part one. In the second installment of their free form conversation, the two musicians engage in a pointed and occasionally hilarious discussion on the fast changing landscape of the Los Angeles, cars they have owned and photography.
Read the interview here. Read More

Beck has a new feature on his site called “Irrelevant Topics” which has conversations between him and other musicians, artists, writers, etc. on a variety of subjects. For the first in the series, he talks to none other than Tom Waits about Los Angeles history, natural disasters, Jimmy Durante and much more…

For part one of the incredibly entertaining and enlightening conversation go here. Read More

Ever the charitable soul, Tom Waits has donated one of his rare photos — signed, framed and truly one-of-a-kind — from his “Oil Stain” series to a charity auction that will go to benefit the tuition assistance program at Summerfield School.
More about the school: “Summerfield stands behind its deeply-rooted commitment to the children of the school, and we celebrate our economically diverse student population. Now, more than ever, Summerfield needs your support to continue this essential program.”
The online auction will close June 5, 2009. Click here for more information. Read More

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On April 18 in honor of “Record Store Day” TOM WAITS will release an exclusive limited edition 7” single because he believes in the importance of the independents: “The record store is the livery stable where I can tie up, feed and groom my ears.”
As noted in an earlier post, the songs were recorded during last summer’s critically acclaimed “Glitter & Doom” tour–side A features “Lucinda/Ain’t Goin’ Down to the Well” (recorded at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA) and side B contains “Bottom of the World” (recorded at the Edinburgh Playhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland).
You can locate participating stores here Read More

TOM WAITS latest 3 CD set—Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards—has been certified gold by the RIAA® and will be released on vinyl in the not-too-distant future. He has also collaborated with Kool Keith on N.A.S.A.’s recently released The Spirit of Apollo, which also features such diverse artists as David Byrne, Karen O and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. As for new material, Waits and his long time collaborator and wife, Kathleen Brennan, have begun writing new songs, which they plan to record this summer for an upcoming CD. (No release date at this time.)
Of Orphans, Bill Flanagan stated on CBS SUNDAY MORNING: “No contemporary musician embodies the twin virtues of elegance and piracy better than Tom Waits. He is a gravel-voiced poet, the Edward Hopper of rock n’ roll.” Elsewhere in MOJO, the preeminent music magazine of the UK, declared: “Mojo Instant Classic..Masterpiece isn’t the right word for such a profusion of profound delights…exhibition is better…With his unfussy brushstrokes, umber hues, and humanely honest delight in warts and all, he is the Rembrandt of modern music.”
Currently, Tom Waits is in the midst of filming The Book of Eli, directed by Albert and Allen Hughes (From Hell, Dead Presidents, Menace II Society, among others). Eli is a post-apocalyptic Western, in which a lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving mankind. The film stars Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman with Tom Waits in a small role as “Engineer.” This will mark Waits’ second teaming with Oldman as Waits’ played Renfeld to Oldman’s Count Dracula in the Francis Ford Coppola version of the classic vampire film.
In other film news, Waits stars as Mr. Nick (the devil) opposite Christopher Plummer in Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which is also Heath Ledger’s last film. Due to Heath’s premature death, his unfinished roll was taken on by Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell. The fantastical morality tale set in the present day also features Lily Cole and Verne Troyner. The film looks to premiere at Cannes and open worldwide later this year. Read More
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