Next month, The Yale Drama School is presenting a new staging of the innovative 1992 opera 'Alice', with concept by Robert Wilson and music and lyrics by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan.“Alice” is a forlornly melodic collection of songs, which Mojo Magazine described as “vaporous, layered, beautifully evocative, with moments of discordant madness.” This production will take place February 1st through 7th and is directed by Logan Ellis. Purchase Tickets.To revisit 'Alice', Listen HereRead More
Have a nice flight, John…Remember, don’t order the fish and call when you get there…
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"Your Honor, those boys were nutin but trouble." -Tom Waits.

The Replacements featuring Tom Waits,
"Lowdown Monkey Blues" from The Replacements 'Dead Man's Pop' Box Set, out now. Listen Here Read More
All hail, the magnificently peculiar and recently departed, Daniel Johnston. Read More
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