This rare, live recording of "Lost In The Harbour" captures a chilling intimacy and features a lyric video created by Christy Smith (IG: christyscribbles) in which the viewer is transported into a haunting, somber seascape with spells of radiant light.

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45 years ago to this day, Tom Waits released his auditory equivalent of film noir on the classic “Foreign Affairs” LP, featuring iconic tracks like “Muriel” & “Burma Shave”, as well as his duet with Bette Midler, “I Never Talk To Strangers”.

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Table Top Joe from ‘Alice’ recorded live in Live in Berlin, Germany on November 16, 2004.
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Continuing Blood Money's 20-year anniversary celebration, here is a rousing live version of God's Away on Business recorded in Edinburgh in 2008, accompanied by a striking lyric video by Casey Waits that perfectly captures the menacing playfulness of Tom’s performance.

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Leading up to the official release date, Waits is putting out previously unreleased live versions of songs from the records, starting with “All the World is Green” from ‘Blood Money’ and “Fish and Bird” from ‘Alice.’ “All the World is Green” was recorded at a live show in 2008 in Milan, Italy and features a dramatic faux flamenco guitar intro, while “Fish and Bird” is taken from Waits’ celebrated return to the London stage in 2004 and is a stripped down raw piano version of the ballad that featured a chamber orchestra arrangement in the studio recording.

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