‘Real Gone’ has been remixed and remastered by Waits/Brennan to sound better than ever on all of the digital music services. Some of the new mixes are radical transformations from the original versions and the whole album crackles and steams with fuller intensity and more vivid intimacy. You can find it at the Tom Waits Store or at your local record shop.

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'Bad As Me' is newly remastered by Waits/Brennan and available now on 180 gram vinyl & CD. You can find it at the Tom Waits Store or at your local record shop. Watch Promo Video

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Tom Waits recorded an instrumental version of his well known song, “Innocent When you Dream” for the player piano in the lobby of artist Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel, which is located in the shadow of the wall separating Palestine from Israel. To mark the 100 year anniversary of Britain’s former colonization of Palestine and its disastrous consequences, Banksy has mixed opulence and dystopia with his desire to highlight the daily lives and art of Palestinians. The Irish are no strangers to strife and division, and Waits selected this Irish tinged waltz because of its lyrical and wistful mix of regret and dreams for a world without walls.

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The entire ANTI- Catalog is newly remastered by Waits/Brennan, including a remixed version of Real Gone, and reissued on 180 Gram Vinyl & CD. Orphans Available 2018. Pre-Order now at http://tomwaitsstore.comRead More
Live literacy and art. Pre-order the limited edition, groundbreaking, illustrated storybook collaboration that features Tom Waits, Joe Coleman, Nick Cave, Frank Black, Jim James et al. to benefit community literacy non-profit groups. See and hear Waits, Coleman & Ken Nordine's collaboration entitled "Circus" here.

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