Tom Waits will be releasing limited edition vinyl of his albums “Alice” and “Blood Money” to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Originally released on May 7, 2002, the re-issues will be available on October 7.

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Tom Waits is known as one of the great songwriters of our era. He is also one of our great song interpreters.  Hear him transform the works of others on this illuminating playlist.
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We'd like to congratulate 'This Is Not A War Story' on being nominated for the John Cassavetes award at the Film Independent Spirit Awards. The film features the song "Hell Broke Luce”. Using the song was an attempt to portray the horrors endured by soldiers and the demons who forever accompany them. Streaming now on HBO Max.
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Our latest playlist – “Triumphs & Tribulations” features Tom Waits singing country hymns and lullabies to soothe the soul. Listen hereRead More
Something From A Different Planet: Bill Murray covers Tom Waits’ “The Piano Has Been Drinking”
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