Today marks the 50th anniversary of Tom Waits' pivotal debut album, Closing Time. This 50th-anniversary limited edition release, available on Clear & Black 180g vinyl, features a double LP cut at 45rpm with half-speed mastering by Abbey Road Studios and is packaged in a Gatefold Jacket with lyrics. Available everywhere. Shop Now Read More
'Alice' & 'Blood Money' 20-year anniversary re-issues, each available in 5 different colors, pressed on 180g vinyl. Support your local indie record store.

Blood Money

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Alice and Blood Money were released on the same day in spring 2002. Heard in succession they'll tell you all about Tom Waits' music: the melody, tenderness, heartbreak: the butchery, black humour, nightmares and primitive noise. All of human life is here. Full article by Sylvie Simmons in Mojo's October issue. Read More
Tom Waits’ "Grave Diggers” is a collection of haunting tracks to get you in the Halloween spirit.
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Where the wailing of a baby meets the footsteps of the dead — We’re All Mad Here.
The worms, they will climb the rugged ladder of your spine — We’re All Mad Here.
Here is the Tom Waits Halloween Playlist
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