Peter Gabriel performs Tom Waits’ song “In the Neighborhood” as part of The Voice Project, a music based initiative to raise awareness and support for the war torn areas of Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan, Eastern Congo and CAR. Artists have been recording cover songs as links in musical chains that began with a small group of widows and rape survivors in Uganda. The women there have been using songs to send messages of forgiveness to those abducted and forced to fight, many of hide in the bush, afraid to return home.

The Voice Project employs this same idea of using music to pass the message as each artist covers another artist’ song creating a chain of melodies. Now Gabriel has passed it to Tom Waits.” “I’ve wanted to sing Tom Waits’ ‘In the Neighborhood’ for a long time and this was a great opportunity.” Gabriel explains. “I love the idea that a song can reach people that can’t be touched in any other way.”

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As the guest editor of MOJO 200, Tom Waits was also in charge of compiling and sequencing the magazine’s complimentary CD. Above is one of the four pages of the  labyrinthine list of suggested tracks by senor Waits. The 15-song Step Right Up! compilation was the end result, but here’s a chance to meander through some of Tom’s other favorites. To see the other three pages, which are something of a brilliant musical Rorschach test, visit Mojo by clicking here. Read More

Richard III with music by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan is playing exclusively in Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam from 22 September to 12 October. For more info go here. Read More

More great footage of Tom Waits performing in 1979 at the Theatre le Palace in Paris. This second installment features “Annie’s Back in Town” from the Paradise Alley soundtrack and “I Wish I Was in New Orleans” from the pivotal 1976 album Small Change. Read More

Tom Waits performs at Theatre le Palace in Paris, France. This was recorded for French television and broadcast on the program “Palace One” back in 1980. The first part here features the songs “Heartattack and Vine” and “‘Til the Money Runs Out.”  I will post the additional three segments shortly. Please enjoy. Read More
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