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Details of Tom Waits’ Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony are hitting newstands in anticipation of the events’ broadcast. Some selected highlights below:
The Guardian UK reports Waits recalling that, “…at age 15, he had snuck in to see a Lightnin’ Hopkins show by putting “Wite-Out in my hair and drawing on a moustache.” He also compared his induction to receiving the key to the city of El Paso: “They told me there was only one but I found out there were a whole bunch of them, and they didn’t open anything. So I hope there are some fringe benefits to this baby.”
The Village Voice offers, “First off, let’s tell you what you want to hear: Tom Waits stole the show, accepting his Rock Hall induction with his trademark stream of comical platitudes, zen-like aphorisms, and dry half-truths. Among the chestnuts: “Any day on this side of the dirt is a great day” and “They say that I have no hits, that I’m difficult to work with. They say that like it’s a bad thing.” Afterwards, Waits’s four-song set was a thing of beauty and simplicity.
Michael Heaton of The Cleveland Plain Dealer says, “There’s a preponderance of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers who are in a decidedly post-career phase. The great thing about Waits is that his best work is still ahead… Last week I was on YouTube listening to various Waits songs to refresh my mind and soul. There was an oft-repeated comment on there. ‘If God had a wallet, there’d be a picture of Tom Waits inside it.’ I don’t know who wrote that. But I wish it was me. ”
And Rolling Stone reports that Neil Young inducted Waits, saying,”I didn’t bring my teleprompter or my notes and I don’t have any real thoughts. I will say that this next man is indescribable and I’m here to describe him. In the scope of things this man is a great singer, actor, magician, spirit guide, changeling and performer for you.”
The ceremony will be telecast March 20th 9p/8c on Fuse TV. For more info go here. Read More
Just a little teaser to remind you that Tom Waits’ Hall Of Fame induction ceremony and performance will be broadcast at Fuse TV on Sunday, March 20 at 9P/8C. For additional video go to Eye Ball KidRead More

Iconoclast Tom Waits was inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame by Neil Young at the ceremony Monday night honoring his vast and storied musical career spanning four decades. Waits accepted this honor with humor and heart, stating:
“Thanks, everybody, this is very encouraging. Songs are really just interesting things to do with the air. I was fifteen when I snuck in to a club to see Lightning Hopkins. I wore an overcoat, put white-out in my hair, drew on a mustache and said in a deep voice, “One ticket please.” I saw Lightning walk through a door in the back room that said, ‘Keep Out!! This Room for ENTERTAINERS ONLY.’ At the moment, I realized I wanted to get into show business as soon as possible.
I am grateful to my wife and my collaborator Kathleen Brennan. She is the light that helps me find my way and to my kids who have taught me everything I know.
Some day, I hope to hear, “Hey Mack, take the cuffs off him, I think he’s a Hall of Famer!”
During his introduction, Neil Young described Waits as: “a great performer, singer, actor, songwriter, magician, changeling and spirit guide.”
Following the inductions (Waits, Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond, Darlene Love, Leon Russell and Dr. John), Waits took over the famed ballroom stage with guitarist David Hidalgo (Los Lobos) and long time collaborators, guitarist Marc Ribot and bassist, Larry Taylor with son Casey Waits on drums. Tom’s shamanistic vocals, along with his innovative arrangements, pounding rhythms and emotional melodies were all on display in full force in front of the packed room filled with rock luminaries.
Waits performed four songs, including “Make It Rain,” “Rain Dogs,” a piano version of “House Where Nobody Lives,” and “Get Behind The Mule” (with Neil Young).
Immediately after the performance, Elton John noted: “If Jackson Pollack could sing, he’d sound like Tom Waits.”
Meanwhile, Waits has been hard at work in his studio on his highly anticipated forthcoming album of new songs. Read More

Tom Waits will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC and will be performing a short set at the ceremony. Joining Tom will be Mark Ribot and David Hidalgo (Los Lobos) on guitars, Casey Waits on drums and Larry Taylor on bass. The legendary Neil Young is set to make the introduction and will  likely join in. The performance will air exclusively at Fuse TV on Sunday March 20th at 9P/8C
Elton John at ceremony, “If Jackson Pollock could sing, he would sound like Tom Waits.” Read More
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