An exhibition of photographer Anton Corbijn’s work opened today in New York City. The show, which is at the Stellan Holm Gallery, is titled “Inwards and Outwards.” For the series Corbijn shot on old-fashioned film on a hand-held camera with available light and without assistants, and his intimate one-on-one encounters define their iconographic subjects — Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Iggy Pop, Alexander McQueen, and others — in new and sometimes startlingly unfamiliar ways. The exhibition runs till Dec 15.
You can see a slide-show of the works, including the cover shot of Anton Corbijn and Tom Wait’s new book,  here. Read More

Ahead of the general December 21 Rhino retail release, TOMWAITS.COM is offering limited edition 180 gram red vinyl versions of Closing Time, The Heart of Saturday Night, Nighthawks at the Diner and Small Change. Those who pre-order by December 18 should have their packages arrive by December 24.
The red vinyl limited editions (only 1000 pressed of each title) will be available exclusively at and are available for pre-order now.
After signing with Asylum in the early 70’s, Tom Waits recorded a series of groundbreaking albums whose noir tales of the after-midnight underworld transformed the seedy into the sublime in songs laced with both dark humor and profound longing. Nearly 40 years and several musical evolutions later, Waits’ Asylum years still hold a special place in the hearts of many.
Rhino will celebrate Waits this December by reissuing the Grammy-winning/Oscar nominated artists’ first four Asylum albums on 180-gram heavy vinyl each packaged with their original artwork. Released on December 21 at retail outlets, including www.rhino.comRead More

On November 19th, Preservation Hall Recordings will release 504 limited edition hand-numbered 78 rpm vinyl records featuring two tracks by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band with very special guest Tom Waits. Proceeds from the sale of this very special project will benefit the Preservation Hall Junior Jazz & Heritage Brass Band.
Mr. Waits traveled to New Orleans in 2009 to record two songs with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band for the critically acclaimed project Preservation: An album to benefit Preservation Hall and the Preservation Hall Music Outreach Program, “Tootie Ma Was A Big Fine Thing” , and “Corrine Died On The Battlefield”. Originally recorded by Danny Barker in 1947, these two selections are the earliest known recorded examples of Mardi Gras Indian chants.
The two tracks will now be packaged in a special limited edition 78 rpm format record, each signed and numbered by Preservation Hall Creative Director Ben Jaffe. The first one hundred records will be accompanied by a custom-made Preservation Hall 78rpm record player as part of a Deluxe Donation package. The remaining four hundred and four will be available as a standalone record for the Basic Donation package.
This special limited edition recording will be made available in two different tiers, based on the level of donation: Deluxe Donation Tier: $200 – Limited Edition 78rpm record featuring Tom Waits & The Preservation Hall Jazz Band AND a custom-made Preservation Hall 78 record players – and Basic Donation Tier: $50 – Limited Edition 78rpm record featuring Tom Waits & The Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Both packages will be available for in-person purchase at Preservation Hall in New Orleans on November 19, 2010 at 10:00am Central and available for purchase online November 20th here. Read More

(pic by Cynthia Wood)
Litquake, San Francisco’s Literary Festival kicked off its 2010 festival by honoring the original paperback bohemian, Lawrence Ferlinghetti (and City Lights Booksellers), with its Barbary Coast Award for his contribution to Bay Area Arts and letters on Saturday, October 2. Those lucky enough to get tickets to the sold out night at the Herbst Theater enjoyed an unforgettable and only-in-San Francisco style event that featured poets, writers, illustrators, beat-era survivors like Michael McClure, as well as musicians Patti Smith, Steve Earle and Tom Waits.
While Steve Earle gave a heartfelt thank you to Lawrence for allowing him and others of his generation to be born into a world that never had to exist without the poem Howl, both Patti and Tom performed. Smith began by tipping her hat to Lou Reed’s Coney Island Baby, before segueing into her own composition, Wing, while Waits performed Ferlinghetti’s Coney Island of the Mind, sung while he played the piano, accompanied by the Marcus Shelby Quartet. In the green room prior, Smith and Waits reminisced about when they last saw each other, agreeing that indeed it might have been 1975. From left to right, Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, and Steve Earle. Photo credit: Cynthia Wood Photography. More info at Read More

Singer, songwriter, composer and actor Tom Waits joins the lineup of artists and authors who will pay tribute to the original paperback bohemian Lawrence Ferlinghetti when he and City Lights Booksellers and Publishers receive Litquake’s 2010 Barbary Coast Award for their contribution to Bay Area letters on Saturday October 2 at the Herbst Theater. Others to appear include Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Winona Ryder, Michael McLure, New Yorker cartoonist Eric Drooker and others.
The material Waits has produced over the years has a direct connection to the bohemian nature espoused not only by Ferlinghetti himself, but also the literature to be found via City Lights Booksellers and Publishers.
In an era where a show like Mad Men has become so popular all across the board, it is easy to forget that for many, its nostalgic take gilds the era in a way that seems to be not quite complete or accurate. In the shadow of these Madison Avenue Mad Men types, a new kind of American was emerging—one typified by Ferlinghetti—that was looser, that put a paper back book in his or her pocket and mulled the post World War 2 American dream/landscape and said “no thanks.”
Whether it be Frank’s Wild Years, the soundtrack to One From the Heart with an image of an “old broken bicycle out in the rain with playing cards pinned to its spokes,” or even the channeling of a Richard Burton-sounding stevedore type in Singapore from the Swordfish Trombones album, Waits’ songs epitomize the idiosyncratic man or woman who looks at life with the eye of a poet despite what their circumstances seem to dictate. And then for better or worse, acts accordingly.
Litquake 2010 Barbary Coast Awards
Herbst Theater
Saturday October 2 at 8pm
Tickets: $25.00 in advance, $30.00 at door, $100.00 VIP
Tickets can be purchased here.Read More
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