(photo Guardian UK)
Details of Tom Waits’ Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony are hitting newstands in anticipation of the events’ broadcast. Some selected highlights below:
The Guardian UK reports Waits recalling that, “…at age 15, he had snuck in to see a Lightnin’ Hopkins show by putting “Wite-Out in my hair and drawing on a moustache.” He also compared his induction to receiving the key to the city of El Paso: “They told me there was only one but I found out there were a whole bunch of them, and they didn’t open anything. So I hope there are some fringe benefits to this baby.”
The Village Voice offers, “First off, let’s tell you what you want to hear: Tom Waits stole the show, accepting his Rock Hall induction with his trademark stream of comical platitudes, zen-like aphorisms, and dry half-truths. Among the chestnuts: “Any day on this side of the dirt is a great day” and “They say that I have no hits, that I’m difficult to work with. They say that like it’s a bad thing.” Afterwards, Waits’s four-song set was a thing of beauty and simplicity.
Michael Heaton of The Cleveland Plain Dealer says, “There’s a preponderance of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers who are in a decidedly post-career phase. The great thing about Waits is that his best work is still ahead… Last week I was on YouTube listening to various Waits songs to refresh my mind and soul. There was an oft-repeated comment on there. ‘If God had a wallet, there’d be a picture of Tom Waits inside it.’ I don’t know who wrote that. But I wish it was me. ”
And Rolling Stone reports that Neil Young inducted Waits, saying,”I didn’t bring my teleprompter or my notes and I don’t have any real thoughts. I will say that this next man is indescribable and I’m here to describe him. In the scope of things this man is a great singer, actor, magician, spirit guide, changeling and performer for you.”
The ceremony will be telecast March 20th 9p/8c on Fuse TV. For more info go here.