An informative and entertaining interview with Tom Waits just appeared in the New York Times. The piece features Tom and the writer driving around in Tom’s car littered with “a yellowing newspaper announcing the inauguration of John F. Kennedy, a large bottle of Valencia Mexican hot sauce and a bowler hat and a glittery sequined jacket” as they talk about Tom’s amazing new album Bad As Me. Some sample bits below…
“Talking about the album now ‘is like doing the dishes,” he said. “The meal has already been prepared and eaten. We enjoyed it. But after every meal, clang, clack, clang, scrape, clang, clang, clack, scrape — you’ve got to do the dishes.’ Compared with “Real Gone,” an album full of songs that clanged, scraped and bristled with distortion and cryptic lyrics, “Bad as Me” climbs off the ledge. “There’s less phlegm and there’s less smoke in the room.”
“Mr. Waits was seeking to write, he said, “dwell-in songs,” a phrase used by a woman he learned about in a collection of folk songs from Alabama. “Like a blues, you get down there and you start dwelling on a particular topic,” he said. “I was really taken with that, that it was something simple and it evoked so much.”
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Tom Waits recently met with the Wall Street Journal at a local Chinese restaurant to talk about his phenomenal new album Bad As Me which comes out October 24th.
A sample: “The public Mr. Waits is a bona fide character, a stomping, yowling beatnik who reflects the eccentric, downtrodden characters he sings about. Over lunch, he relaxes and a natural storyteller emerges. He riffs on an episode of “The Twilight Zone,” tells an anecdote about Lauren Bacall, and insists that a dead shark was once cut open in Barbados with a VCR in its stomach containing a tape of “Jaws.”
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Tom Waits was interviewed by the site via phone recently. He explained that he was at a barbershop. They claimed they “couldn’t hear any clippers in the background.” That said, the two discus a whole bunch of fascinating topics including robots, the evolution of culture and radio, Keith Richards and Tom’s incredible new album Bad As Me which comes out next week.
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