DeMorgen Magazine, Belgium

Eén kwade genius die een andere fotografeert. Meer is er niet nodig voor een sublime boek. Anton Corbijn meets Tom Waits: 33 jaar vriendschap n machtige foto’s.

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London Sunday Times Magazine, UK

Back in the grim but glorious days of 1978, a young Dutch photographer named Anton Corbijn arrived in Los Angeles. It was his first trip to America. He took a taxi to the Tropicana Motel on Santa Monica Boulevard. Stepping out of the cab, he found Tom Waits sitting on the sidewalk.

“It was,” he recalls, savouring the memory, “a Hollywood dream come true.”

He shouldn’t have been surprised. The Tropicana, now sadly gone, was to LA what the Chelsea Hotel was and is to New York — rock’n’roll central. There’s no point in listing the people who stayed there because everybody stayed there. Tom was a permanent resident; he lived in a bungalow round the back.

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Aftenposten K, Norway

Tom Waits og fotograf Anton Corbijn har hengt sammen siden de traff verandre på The Tropicana Motel i Los Angeles i 1976. Resultatet av ennskapet er nå blitt til en tykk fotobok, hvor også Waits’ egne bilder er nkludert.– Et dokument over både Antons og min karrière, det var ideen, ier Tom Waits.

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Time Magazine

Anton Corbijn took his first photographs of singer-songwriter Tom Waits in Holland in 1977. Thirty-six years later, the duo- who've been collaborating ever since- have released Waits/Corbijn, a coffee-table book featuring more than 200 pages of Corbijn's portraits (including one of Waits in Monte Rio, Calif., in 2006, above) as well as some 0 pages of musings and photos taken by Waits.

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Stern Magazine, Germany

Sechs Uhr morgens, die Wohnung ist leer, die Frau hat einen verlassen, das Konto ist gesperrt, und alles, was einem bleibt, ist ein warmes Bier. Und man selbst. Der Optimist denkt jetzt, „endlich allein“, und fühlt sich o, wie Tom Waits aussieht. Schon immer aussah. Glücklich vom astwagen überfahren sozusagen. Es gibt keinen anderen Sänger, usiker, Blues- Poeten und Schauspieler in einer Person, dessen Gesicht, Blick nd Stimme den sarkastischen Schalk des Lebens inniger ausdrückt als.

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Interview Magazine

To hear gravel-voiced beatnik troubadour Tom Waits tell it, the process by which he and his longtime friend, the photographer, designer, and director Anton Corbijn, have collaborated over the years has been pretty simple. "Anton brings the camera," Waits says. "I'll bring a tuba, wear black, not shave, and take us to a burned-down Chinese restaurant." Their new book, Waits/Corbijn '77-'11, out this month from Schirmer/Mosel, comprises dozens of photographs that Corbijn has taken of Waits over the past three and a half decades, offering an intimate glimpse into the evolution of both men as creative co-conspirators and highly individual artists. The book also includes 51 pages of material contributed by Waits himself, including curiosities such as photos of oil stains, birds, and chalkboard menus; lists of famous suicides, train stations, and potential band names; and notes that read like poems. We sent Waits an e-mail asking about how he and Corbijn compiled the material for the book. We weren't expecting such a wide-ranging reply—but coming from Tom Waits, it didn't surprise us, either.

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Die Zeit, Germany
Wer sich der Kameralinse eines Fotografen ausliefert, beweist Vertrauen. Ein Bild, im Bruchteil einer Sekunde geschossen, kann Jahrzehnte überdauern, das Image einer prominenten Person mitbestimmen. Meist liegt die Verantwortung dabei in den Händen eines Fremden, nicht so bei Tom Waits: Mehr als dreißig Jahre lang ließ er sich von Anton Corbijn porträtieren, beide verbindet die Liebe zum Schwarz-Weiß-Bild. Gut 200 Fotografien sowie Skizzen und Kuriositäten von Waits zeigt der limitierte Band Waits/Corbijn '77-'11, der bei Schirmer/Mosel erscheint.

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Toronto Star

Tom Waits doesn’t advertise himself as a gentleman of great vanity, but his long, proud history of shrewdly cultivated multimedia strangeness has left little doubt that he knows how to pose for a picture.

It’s a talent that manifested itself fairly early on, apparently, and even in situations where Waits didn’t actually know he was on camera. Among the 145 portraits of Waits taken by esteemed photographer Anton Corbijn over the past three decades and gathered together in the lavish new coffee-table book Waits/Corbijn: ’77-’11are a few snapped on the sly backstage during a tour stop in Holland 36 years ago when Waits, then 27, was unaware that his effortlessly and unconsciously cool image was being committed to film by a budding young master of the craft

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