Tomato Seeds (Tom Waits)

Monsters On The Sidewalk (Tom Waits)

California, Dillon Beach, 2002 (Anton Corbijn)

Tom Waits: Growling Through the Grain

Sunday Times, 14 April 2013

Back in the grim but glorious days of 1978, a young Dutch photographer named Anton Corbijn arrived in Los Angeles. It was his first trip to America. He took a taxi to the Tropicana Motel on Santa Monica Boulevard. Stepping out of the cab, he found Tom Waits sitting on the sidewalk.

“It was,” he recalls, savouring the memory, “a Hollywood dream come true.”

He shouldn’t have been surprised. The Tropicana, now sadly gone, was to LA what the Chelsea Hotel was and is to New York — rock’n’roll central. There’s no point in listing the people who stayed there because everybody stayed there. Tom was a permanent resident; he lived in a bungalow round the back.

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