From artist David Frazer comes 'More Than Flesh and Bone,' a Handmade Book interpreting the songs “The Last Rose of Summer”, “Take It With Me” and “The Briar and The Rose” by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan. Strictly limited edition of 30, each signed by Tom Waits and David Frazer.

"All my other books portrayed a hopeless lonely bloke dreaming of the time he once had a girlfriend. This one celebrates a couple who stayed together, through the thick and the thin."

Book bound by hand. Original Linocut cover. 26 Wood Engravings, 1 linocut and typeset, all printed by hand, by the Artist. Each book contains a loose engraving signed by the artist.

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Tom Waits on playing The Troubadour: “That was the big place to play. They'd put a big picture of you in the window. In those days, if you sold out at the Troubadour, that was it. People weren't playing sports facilities. At the Troubadour, they announce your name and picked you up with a spotlight at the cigarette machine, and they'd walk you to the stage with the light. It was the coolest. The owner, Doug Weston, would go out on-stage naked and recite The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. He'd have guys on acid who wanted to tell stories. It was like Ed Sullivan, without Ed. Anyone could get up. It was very thrilling, though, because you would find people who'd hitchhiked from Kansas to this spot for their 20 minutes.”

• 1973 - Tom Waits On Stage at The Troubadour. Photo by Kim Gottlieb.
• 1976 - Paul Body, Robert Marchese (in Waits' Cadillac) and Chuck E. Weiss in front of the Troubadour, courtesy of Robert Marchese, as printed in “Lowside Of The Road: A Life Of Tom Waits" by Barney Hoskyns.
• 1977 - Tom strangles Chuck outside the Troubadour while Paul Body watches. Source: "Another Fein Mess/ Other Fein Messes" by Art Fein. March, 2003.
• 2023 - The Troubadour celebrating the 50th anniversary of ‘Closing Time’ Read More
Today marks the 50th anniversary of Tom Waits' pivotal debut album, Closing Time. This 50th-anniversary limited edition release, available on Clear & Black 180g vinyl, features a double LP cut at 45rpm with half-speed mastering by Abbey Road Studios and is packaged in a Gatefold Jacket with lyrics. Available everywhere. Shop Now Read More