The Pontiac

Well let's see
we had the eh Fairlane
then the u-joints went out on that
and the bushings
and then your mother wanted
to trade it in on the Toronado
so we got the Toronado
god I hated the color of that son of a bitch
the dog destroyed the upholstery
on the Ford
boy that was long before you were born
we called it the yellowbird
two-door three on the tree
tight little mother
threw a rod
sold it to Jacobs
for a hundred dollars

now the special eh
you've never seen body panels
line up like that
overhead cam
dual exhaust
you know I had
let's see I had
four Buicks
loved 'em all

now your Uncle Emmet
well he drives a Thunderbird
it used to belong to your Aunt Evelyn
well she ruined it
drove it to Indiana
with no gear oil
that was the end of that
sold that Cadillac to your mom
your mom loved that Caddy
independent rear suspension
landau top
good tires
gas hog
I swear it had the power
to repair itself

I loved the Olds
Dan Steele used to give 'em to me at a discount
showroom models and that
and then there was the Pontiac and
god I loved that Pontiac
Well it was kind of an oxblood god
but It handled so beautifully
yeah I miss that car
well that was a long time ago
a long time ago